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"From the outset, Pebble brought clarity and structure to the assignment. They provided expert and relevant business partners for each area of the Ornua business and brought a momentum and drive to the transformation which is both effective and efficient."

Anthony Proctor, COO of Ornua

Here are some more reasons businesses work with Pebble to transform their Business Operating Model:

Strategy Alignment

To implement a new strategy or align operations with the existing strategy.

Customer Experience

To deliver a superior Customer Experience.

Business Growth

To deliver efficiencies and leverage scale to enable business growth.

Enabling Technology

To ensure technology implementations are aligned with business objectives

Connected Decision Making

To enable holistic and integrated decision making across the business.

Business Restructuring

To integrate, or prepare for, business acquisitions and divestitures.

"Change before you have to"

Jack Welch, Chairman & CEO of General Electric for 20 years

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