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Pebble are proud to be a Business Architecture Guild Accredited Training Partner (GATP®)


Business Architecture is a foundational discipline for business transformation. Working with our clients we experience first-hand the essential role of Business Architecture to enable strategy execution.  We are delighted to now share this experience through our GATP® accredited Business Architecture Foundation Training Course.

This foundation course is a detailed, practitioner-led, walkthrough the Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK® Guide) as published by the Business Architecture Guild. It is ideal for those keen to learn more about Business Architecture and for those preparing to sit the Certified Business Architect CBA® exam.

About the Course

Courses will be run from our Dublin based training centre.

4 days instructor led training, in classroom and live on-line, comprising of 3 days facilitated training, with 1-day follow-up Q&A, Case Study and Exam preparation. 


Covers all aspects of the BIZBOK® Guide based on the latest BIZBOK® version content.

Practitioner-led, providing real-life examples of how to apply the concepts at every stage.

Fun and engaging activities throughout the course delivering a positive learning environment.

Training materials that provides a useful reference and study guide content.

Ideal preparation for the Certified Business Architect CBA® exam.

Practice exam questions aligned with official CBA exam content and Guild study guide. 

Complimentary two hour, one-on-one mentoring, following the course to further support you with the application of business architecture for your business scenarios and goals.

Join us for a practitioner-led Foundation Course in Business Architecture.

Please contact to register your interest and follow us on LinkedIn 

Topics covered

Starting with the foundations of Business Architecture, this course will include:
- The core and extended domains of Business Architecture 

- Business Architecture and IT Architecture Alignment

- Establishing and maturing an in-house Business Architecture practice

- Working with related disciplines such as Customer Experience and Process Mgt.

- The role of the Business Architect

- The Business Architecture Knowledgebase

- Business Architecture Maturity Model

- Business Architecture Case Studies

- Industry Reference Models

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