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Delivering clear and connected operations that are fully aligned with strategy is one of the greatest challenges that exists for any business. Meeting this challenge is also one of the greatest opportunities to scale and thrive.

Pebble was founded by Conor Duggan and Joe Hughes to democratise and demystify business design, making its transformational benefits available to companies of all sizes. They have worked with leading multinational companies for over 20 years, learning the key to successful business transformations. They experienced how companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Diageo, Hitachi, Kerry Group, Mylan and Coca-Cola achieved success.


At Pebble, this experience is applied through a highly experienced specialist team of Business Architects, Business Analysts, Change Managers and Project Managers, with the capability to execute transformation projects faster and more economically than ever before.


Pebble is proud of its association with best practice, thought leading, organisations:

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